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At Mishilo Academy Inc, our focus is to enhance your technical as well as personal skills, thus allowing you to be a proficient dental receptionist capable of dealing with challenging situations.


  • Study at your own pace
  • Strictly online
  • Financial aid available
  • One on one coaching
  • Unlimited hands-on practice on a virtual software
  • Access to instructors with an average response time of one hour
  • Customized packages suitable to your needs
  • Employment support

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Dental Reception Course Outline

A. Optimal Personality of a Dental Administrator.

  • Why is it necessary and how is it applicable to this career.
  • Significant characteristics and traits.
  • Help students use critical thinking to gather information about themselves and to work towards achieving optimal traits.
  • Awareness of the effects of stress from work into your personal life and vice versa.
  • PART B– Essential tools to help you self-assess your current level of stress, and by consciously taking the necessary steps to manage complex situations effectively.

Head Anatomy
• Primary and Adult Dentition/numbering System.
• Tooth Sectioning and Anatomy.
• Radiography- Usage of Radiography for Insurance and Referrals.

  • How do they differ?
  • Types of specialties. (Endo, Perio, Ortho, Pedo, OMS, Prostho, Oral pathology)
  • Duties of: Cda, hygienist, reception, dental lab tech, office manager.
  • Define the fee guide and function. The role fee guide plays with insurances.
  • Explain how to find codes in fee guide based on treatment, the usage of sextants.
  • Explain the fundamentalism of dental insurances, how do they work as single or multiples. How to obtain information from dental insurances and how to use that information.
  • Why are pre-authorization important, how to use it and how to deliver the results to patients.
  • Type of insurances
  • Characteristics of a claim form.
  • Explain the main difference between both and the critical points about each.
  • Digital: Xray, charting, billing is digital, which means it can be easily accessible to other dental clinics of patients.
  • Non-digital: X-rays, charting, billing will be done in paper format, which means extra steps to obtain the same results as well as more material involves. Record keeping must be optimal.
  • Understanding the fundaments of marketing and sales
  • Usage and importance of office policies.
  • Protect patient’s privacy when discussing finances.
  • The usage of agreement forms.
  • Social medial advertisement
  • Transactions
  • Daily Ledger Auditing
  • Insurance Preauthorization and Claim Submission
  • Write Off and Adjustment
  • Day End Summary
  • Effective method of communication between dentist to staff, staff to staff and staff to patient
  • Meaning of communication
  • The key to avoid conflicts
  • Steps to minimized conflict.
  • Facts and emotions
  • Mindful communication at work.
  • Taking responsibility.
  • Your role as a receptionist in case of an emergency.
  • Disclosure of Patient’s private information.
  • Patient’s file sharing with other clinics or with patients.
  • Disease transmission and occupational exposure.
  • Why is practicum not essential.
  • How to find the right job for you and to apply for it.
  • The interview.

What Our Clients Says

As a mentor, Martha has given never-ending support and guidance. She is not onlu a manager herself but she always inpires me countless times to become a better version of myself in the dental profession. I always admire how she always treats everyone with respect. Also, she is always ready to listen and provide recommendations and support whenever needed!. She never ceases to help others further develop themselves. I have found her to be a wealth of knowledge and I often looked at her as an inspiration. Her vision, motivation and support were all par excellence.

Cristel Anne Salas

"With the help of Mishilo Academy I now feel more comfortable, not only academically but also in a personal level!. It truly helps you develop both, the technical and personal aspect of the dental reception field. Overall, it has prepared me for the challenges to face in a busy and demanding career. Apart from the program content, I really loved how interactive it is for an online program. I would highly recommend Mishilo Academy to whoever is looking to enhance their skills or develop new ones."

Ahlam Bushnaq